Drive Safely with Uber’s Safety Measures

Drive Safely with Uber’s Safety Measures

October 23, 2018
drive safely uber safety measures

Although driving for Uber can be a good source of side income, you should  remember an important factor: your safety. While Uber’s safety measures within their app and their insurance coverage provide a layer of protection to driver, you must also practice good driving habits.

Drive Safely with Uber’s Safety Measures

Due to the nature of ridesharing, you will be driving more than usual. Furthermore, you’ll be picking up and dropping off strangers. This raises the possibility of incidents on the road. Thus, your security (and that of your riders) becomes even crucial. Taking that into consideration, Uber’s app incorporates the following safety measures for drivers:

  • Emergency assistance button to call for help. The app displays real-time location and current trip details for reference.
  • 24/7 incident report. You can call Uber for incident assistance around the clock.
  • Share trip. You can share your trip details with family & friends.
  • 2-way ratings. You can rate riders after you drop them off. You also access this information prior to confirming pickups. Low-rated riders are also recorded within Uber’s system and may be potentially removed.
  • Phone number becomes anonymous. If you need to contact a rider, your phone number will be private.
  • GPS tracking. All trips are recorded and logged into Uber’s system.

On a related note, you must also maintain your car’s condition. As you will be driving more, your car’s condition becomes more important. This is also why part of Uber’s safety measures requires inspections for all drivers’ vehicles prior to starting and annually or every 50k miles – whichever comes first. Learn more about vehicle requirements or passing the vehicle inspection.

Uber’s Insurance Coverage While Driving

Additionally, Uber’s safety measures also includes insurance coverage for you while driving. Through its partnerships with several leading insurance carriers, Uber offers the following:

Coverage Amount
Liability for injury or damages to third parties Min $1 Million
Uninsured / underinsured motorists Min $1 Million
Hit-and-run accidents Min $1 Million
Car damages
(regardless of who was at fault)
Covered up to cash value of car after $1,000 deductible

Apart from those coverages, Uber’s safety measures also provides an optional Driver Injury Protection plan through Aon. At less than 4 cents per mile, this insurance plan is designed to alleviate the financial impact on you and your family.

Learn more about Uber’s insurance coverages.

Other Safety Measures

While you can drive safely with Uber’s safety measures, the driver must also exercise good driving habits such as:

  • Stay focused on driving
  • Only drive when you’re alert
  • Watch out for pedestrians, cyclists, and scooters
  • Only drop-off passengers at legal, designated drop-off points
  • Encourage the rider to sit in the back for more personal space and easier exiting
  • Remind riders to buckle seat belt
  • Treat riders with respect even in difficult situations
  • Give rider feedback via 2-way rating on the app

Lastly, don’t hesitate to contact Uber’s 24/7 support team for assistance if you need help!

Final Thoughts

Driving with Uber can be a lucrative side hustle. However, you must recognize the safety concerns and practice good driving habits. Although Uber’s safety measures equip both driver and rider with a large degree of protection, you still have to do your part as the one steering the wheels. Learn more about Uber’s Safety Measures 

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