Vehicle Requirements for Driving with Uber

Vehicle Requirements for Driving with Uber

October 22, 2018
vehicle requirements for driving with Uber

Why Drive with Uber?

First off, why should you even consider driving with Uber? Well, if you’re looking to earn more money on the side but still want control of your schedule, driving with Uber could be a great option. Furthermore, if you’re a licensed driver with a car and at least an iPhone 6S (or better) or Android phone (Android 6.0 or higher), you’re already in the running! Just make sure that if you’re planning to use your own car that it passes the vehicle requirements for driving with Uber prior to signing up.

What Are the Vehicle Requirements for Driving with Uber?

According to the the Uber website, a driver-partner’s vehicle must have the following in order to be eligible:

  • 4 doors
  • 2003 Model year or more recent
  • Be in good condition with no cosmetic damage
  • No commercial branding
  • Pass a vehicle inspection

Besides that, you must also have an insurance policy for the vehicle in accordance with local and state laws. Depending on which of Uber’s rider vehicle options you’d like to drive for (UberX, UberXL, Select), there may be additional vehicle requirements f0r driving with Uber prior to signing up for approval.

Why Are There Additional Vehicle Requirements?

If you’ve booked a ride on Uber before as a passenger, you already know that the cost will vary depending on what type of vehicle you select. Most importantly, based on vehicle you drive, this will also influence your earnings potential. Depending on what Uber vehicle type (and hence fare level) you’d like to drive for, your vehicle must satisfy additional requirements beyond the standard ones outlined above.

Vehicle Types and Their Requirements

Below is the list of vehicle types and vehicle requirements for driving with Uber. The list starts with the most popular (and hence least-earning) to most luxurious (and hence most-earning) options offered by Uber.

Type General Must Have
UberX Most Popular 4 doors with passenger doors
5 factory-installed seats with working seat belts
Working windows and AC
Registered and insured in the state
UberXL Seat more passengers (more fare) 4 doors with passenger doors
7 factory-installed seats with working seat belts
Working windows and AC
Sedan Mid-tier luxury sedans (highest fares) Model year 2009 or newer
Leather or vinyl interior with no tears
Seat minimum 4 passengers other than the driver
Working windows and AC

Furthermore, all vehicles must not have:

  • Unacceptable vehicles: vans, box trucks, taxi cabs, government cars, or other marked vehicles
  • Been salvaged or rebuilt components
  • Aftermarket seating modifications

Learn More About Vehicle Types

If you’d like to earn more from your driving with Uber, your vehicle choice is a great starting point. If you already have an awesome car that you could provide the UberXL or Sedan option to riders via Uber, good for you. However, if your car is not in the best condition, there’s still hope for you thanks to Uber’s partnership with fleet providers in select cities.

What if You Don’t Have a Vehicle?

No problem! If you’re interested in driving but don’t own a car or prefer not to use your own, you could still drive with Uber through its partnership with fleet rental car companies in select cities.

Rental Options

For the San Francisco Bay Area, Uber offers rental options for 3 different types of driver-partners according to their need: short-term, mid-term, or long-term.

Driver Need Fleet Partner Costs Noteworthy
Short-term Getaround $1 or 3% of total booking + $5 per hour First day (up to 12 hours) free of charge
Mid-term Hertz $200 refundable deposit + $214/week Weekly rentals
Long-term Fair $500 start payment + $130/week Pay-as-you-go with unlimited miles and no long-term contract

Learn More About Vehicle Solutions

Therefore, even if you don’t have a car – don’t be discouraged! As long as you’re licensed, insured, and own a mobile phone, you too can start earning more money on the side by driving with Uber
Sign up to drive with Uber.

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