Six Types of Services Not Covered Under Obamacare

Six Types of Services Not Covered Under Obamacare

December 6, 2016
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There is a lot to say about the Affordable Care Act. Obamacare, as it is known, has helped millions of Americans to get health insurance. It has greatly expanded access, with all plans offered through the government’s health insurance marketplace now required to accept individuals with preexisting health conditions, and to also offer a set of essential health benefits, such as emergency services, pregnancy care or hospitalization. However, there are some things that Obamacare won’t cover.

Here is a list of the services that are not included:

1. Adult Dental Care

Although dental care is essential for children under the age of 18, it is not covered for adults. That’s why some marketplace plans don’t include dental insurance for adults. People who want dental care have to purchase a separate dental insurance plan through the marketplace.

2. Adult Eye Care

It’s the same as with dental care. Obamacare includes vision coverage only for children. However, unlike dental insurance, you can’t buy an adult vision plan through the government’s health insurance marketplace. You will have to buy it directly from an insurance company, or to get it through a broker or an insurance agent.

3. Infertility Treatments

Only some states require health insurance plans to cover this kind of treatment. And each state has its own definition for infertility. Unfortunately, infertility treatments tend to be very expensive. The tests alone cost a few hundred dollars, with the price of drugs going up as high as several thousand dollars. And in-vitro fertilization also costs $10,000 or more.

4. Abortion

Some states have no abortion coverage, while others don’t allow marketplace health insurance plans to cover abortion. Hawaii and Vermont are the only two states where all marketplace plans cover termination of pregnancy.

5. Weight-Loss Surgeries

Depending on the procedure, weight-loss surgeries can cost as much as $23,000. Although all 50 states require marketplace plans to cover obesity screening and counseling with no out-of-pocket costs to patients, in 24 of them insurance plans don’t include gastric bypass or bariatric surgery.

6. Long-Term Care

If, after an accident, you become severely ill or disabled, you will need help with the activities of daily living, such as bathing, eating or dressing. This is where long-term care comes in. Unfortunately, Obamacare does not cover it. To get this coverage, you have to first purchase a long-term care insurance policy.

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