Six surprising auto insurance cost-cutters

Six surprising auto insurance cost-cutters

October 12, 2016
auto insurance cost-cutters
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If you’re like most Americans, then your auto insurance takes a lot out of your monthly earnings. Fortunately, there are some ways to help you lower your rates. Some of them, such as taking defensive driving courses, are pretty well known. But there are also some surprising auto insurance cost-cutters out there that you may find really useful.

Six surprising auto insurance cost-cutters:

1. Take good care of your credit score

It might not make sense to you why paying your bills on time should help lower your car insurance premium, but it does. Insurers take a look at your credit scores before calculating your premiums. If you have a good score, it means that you will likely make all your payments on time, and they love that.

2. Check rates before buying a new car

Insurance rates can vary depending on the type of car that you have. More expensive vehicles will definitely cost more to insure, and, over time, this can add thousands of dollars to your bill. That’s why it’s better to check these rates out and then decide what kind of car you want to buy.

3. Don’t forget safety features

If you take steps to make sure that your car is safer and that it’s better protected, your insurer will give you a discount. From adding extra airbags to LoJacks, there are a lot of things you can do to make your car safer. But be sure to tell your agent about it.

4. Your kid’s good grades can also help you

If you have a teenager on your insurance, you may be able to pay less if your child’s a B average or above. These discounts can range between 6% and 20%. But, again, you need to inform your insurer.

5. Drop what coverage you don’t need

You might not know this, but a car loses its value extremely fast. If you own an old vehicle, it might not be worth paying for coverage you no longer need. So drop that coverage and use that money for other things.

6. Buy a green car

A hybrid or an alternative fuel vehicle can get you a discount. Not only will it save you some money, but you’ll also feel much better knowing that you’re helping protect the environment.

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