What you need to know about auto insurance for teens

What you need to know about auto insurance for teens

September 13, 2016
auto insurance for teens
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Young people who have just started driving or parents of first-time-drivers have much to know about buying auto insurance for teens. And although you might not think it, being informed about this process is crucial, especially if you want to save time, effort and money.

Do teens need their own auto insurance policies?

The first thing you need you need to know is that car insurance premiums are higher for teens. That’s why parents often choose to add their kids to their insurance policies. This is the cheaper option. Even if teens own their own cars, insuring their vehicles together with those of the parents is still cheaper.

But does auto insurance for teens need to cost you an arm and a leg?

The downside of adding your teen to your policy is that it will increase your premiums. But this doesn’t have to stress you out. There are plenty of steps teens can take to earns some hefty discounts and keep their car insurance costs as low as possible.

These steps include:

  • Getting good grades: Insurance companies will offer these good student discounts to teenagers who have a certain grade point average.
  • Taking Driver’s Ed: Car insurance companies also offer discounts to teens who take driver’s education courses. Some states may not require it, but you might want to take it into considerations.
  • Taking additional driver training courses: An additional driver training course can never hurt. Not only will you learn how to be a better driver, but you will also shave some dollars off of your premiums.
  • Choosing your car carefully: If you want to get a new, flashy and expensive car, then be prepared to also pay more for insurance.
  • Paying a higher deductible: Overall insurance rates will drop if you agree to increase your deductibles.

Getting car insurance can motivate teens to become better drivers

Auto insurance discounts for teens are good, but discounts for adults are even better. Lots of insurers offer good driver discounts. To earn one of these, you need to have a good number of consecutive years of accident-free driving under your belt. Why not start as a teen? By the time you become a more experienced driver and need to get your own insurance policy all those years of safe driving will help you get a big, fat discount.

The bottom line

Car insurance is something that everyone should have, especially inexperienced, young drivers. It might take some cash out of your pockets but, in the end, its benefits will definitely outweigh all the costs.

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