Some little-known credit card benefits

Some little-known credit card benefits

September 27, 2016
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There are numerous reasons to get a credit card. It comes with many benefits, the most important of which are known by almost everyone, even those who do not yet own a credit card. However, credit cards also come with some other, little-known benefits, that can prove very useful. Here they are:

Price protection

The price protection feature is a wonderful thing. It allows you to apply for a refund if you purchase an item and later find it at lower price. Time and dollar limits vary between cards, of course.

Extended manufacturer’s warranty

Many credit cards offer this feature, which can save you a lot of money. Talk to your issuer, see if your credit card covers it, and you may never have to pay for extended warranty again.

Travel benefits

The numerous travel benefits that come with credit cards include free car rental insurance, hotel room upgrades, free travel insurance, concierge services, discounts on car rentals and reimbursement for baggage delays. Some credit cards only include a few of these benefits, so it’s better to check before you leave on holiday.

Product protection

If you buy an item with your credit card but you damage it or lose it afterwards, you can get your money back. Just like with price protection, coverage only works for a limited amount of time after the purchase, and a limited amount as well. But, if you keep the receipts and report the damage or loss as soon as possible, you could have the expense reimbursed. This feature is extremely useful when purchasing expensive products.

Dispute rights

All credit cards offer this feature. It allows you to dispute a payment if you have an unresolved issue with a product or a service. If your claim is valid, your credit card company will be on your side. And this doesn’t affect your credit score!

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