How a defensive driving course can help you

How a defensive driving course can help you

September 6, 2016
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Do you want to pay less on your auto insurance? There’s one way to do it that will not only provide you with a nice discount but also help you become a better drive and be a lot safer while on the road. If you want this, then take a defensive driving course.

What is defensive driving?

Experienced drivers are familiar with the concept of defensive driving. It is a cautious driving philosophy that takes into account the potential for other drivers to become reckless while in traffic. And all of this while obeying the law, driving below the speed limits and taking precaution while behind the wheel. As a result, defensive drivers tend to be involved in far fewer accidents than other, more aggressive drivers.

How a defensive driving course works

Defensive driving courses are various private and state-sponsored programs that teach you the theory and application of defensive driving. Classes cover a range of topics, such as defensive driving techniques, lesser-known driving laws, post-accident protocols, driving in adverse weather, and how to detect drunk drivers. They are held one or two nights a week and last for several months. And some of them can be taken online.

Most people who take defensive driving courses do so because they are required, either by the law, for things such as DUI or reckless-driving sentences, or by their insurance companies. In fact, insurance companies offer discounts to their policyholders if they complete one such course.

Insurance companies love safe drivers

A safe driver is less likely to be involved in an accident. And this means that insurance companies won’t have to pay a single dime, which is what they love most. Unfortunately, these discounts aren’t very much, especially compared to the cost of a DUI. Few insurers offer discounts that amount to more than 5 or 10 percent of the total cost of the policies that they issue.

The bottom line

Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

  1. You only get the discount if you complete the defensive driving course with a passing grade.
  2. You can take a defensive driving course every several years.
  3. Usually, you can only apply for one defensive driving discount per car.

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